They say Australians will put their money on anything - but what about a poem? "Pigeon Poetry", held on August 3, 2008, brought poetry and sport side by side!

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The Red Room Company commissioned eight poets from across the country to each write a poem that would be raced by thoroughbred pigeons on August 3, 2008. Punters studied an online form guide of the poets, pigeons and poems that flew, and made "bets" by donation. The birds homed from Stanwell Tops to Mt Ousley on NSW's South Coast, covering about 60km between 15 and 20 minutes. See below for the details of each pigeon, poet and poem that flew, and explore the rest of the site to find out what happened on the field...

Pigeon: Real Radio
Poet: Brook Emery
Poem: Proof

Pigeon: Jimbala
Poet: Ivy Ireland
Poem: Velocity