pigeon name placing flight time description gender weight wingspan poet name gender poet wingspan poem sweepers parent
Jimbala 1st 15m 16s silver blue bar hen 470g 55cm Ivy Ireland female 155cm Velocity 50 Libby Fairfax  
This Is Not Art Smokey 2nd 15m 27s blue bar hen 410g 58cm Andy Quan male From my birthplace of Vancouver, Canada to my adopted city of Sydney, Australia A word from the feral pigeon 23 This Is Not Art  
The Baron 3rd 16m 8s mealy cock 550g 64 CM Robert Adamson male boundless knots My Grandfather’s Ice Pigeons 46 Thompson Reuters  
Newsflash 4th 16m 9s blue chequer cock 420g 55cm Anthony Lawrence male Runaway kilometres A Sound For Leaving 42 Australian Associated Press  
The Big Ish 5th 20m 10s blue chequer pied cock 480g 56cm Craig Sherborne male 98cm Totalizator 11 The Big Issue  
Real Radio 6th 22m 34s grizzle hen 459g 64cm Brook Emery male 400cm Proof 18 2SER 107.3 FM  
Old Man Time 7th 48m 40s young slate hen 450g 57cm Alan Gould male 100cm Unidentified Music 10 Henry Ergas  
Sydney PEN Shadow 8th 22h 1m 0s dark chequer hen 415g 54cm Kate Fagan female 178cm Workman, Honeyeater 34 Sydney PEN Centre