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Pigeon: Old Man Time

Poet: Alan Gould

Poem: Unidentified Music

Parent: Henry Ergas

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Old Man Time

(young slate hen)

Weight: 450g

Date of birth: Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wingspan: 57cm

Parentage: Rumour in the loft has it that the parents of this yearling were hybridizations of domestic pigeons (Columbia livia) with domestic ring doves (Strepopelia risoria). The hybridization took place in Western Australia close to Lake Barlee and Pigeon Rocks. The laboratory was founded and is managed by a human mining magnate.

Reading habits: Enjoys fictional works set in paleolithic or pre-literate societies, or in which anthropological fieldwork plays a major role. Both fiction and especially historical fiction with an ethnographic component. Examples include Björn Kurtén: 'Dance of the Tiger' ( A Novel of the Ice Age); E.P. Thompson's 'The Sykaos Papers' in which an alien is studied by military anthropology and Marjorie Shostak's 'Nisa The Life and Words of a !Kung Woman' (non-fiction)

Languages spoken: Kalaamaya and Gum Leaf (western vein dialect)

Medical history: A deformed left foot caused by either "Bumble foot" or an injury from entanglement in synthetic threads such as fishing line, when bird was a mischievous squa.

Dietary requirements: In the lesion associated with "bumble foot", oral ketaconazole: 50mg first day, 75mg second day, 100mg (12.5mg/kg) third and subsequent days (in association with removal of main mass of lesion). Total 32 days of drug treatment and must be administered after breakfast.

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