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Pigeon: Newsflash

Poet: Anthony Lawrence

Poem: A Sound For Leaving

Parent: Australian Associated Press

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(blue chequer cock)

Weight: 420g

Date of birth: Saturday, July 15, 2006

Wingspan: 55cm

Parentage: Initially unknown parentage - bought at the “Fed Super Sale” for $110.00 and a white chocolate beam under left wing suggests connection with the fabulous Janssen Klas Krom Huijbregts and Meuleman pigeons.

Reading habits: Historical Fiction; includes 'In the Time of Butterflies', by, Julia Alvarez; The Book of Saladin by, Tariq Ali; 'The Animorphs' series by K. A Applegate (featuring a human who becomes stuck in the body of a red-tailed hawk)

Languages spoken: Chinese Monal

Medical history: Was shot down whilst flying from Hami of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, presumably to be fried in a spicy dish but rescued by an Australian tourist who subsequently brought the bird to Sydney, where it is now habituated. No long term injuries, if anything the near death experience led to a fierce attitude that enhances fly style.

Dietary requirements: A salt deficiency must be treated carefully as too much salt can poison this bird. Yet a regular dosing of tincture of Golden Seal, Echinacea and Colloidal Silver with regular salt supplements and electrolytes with the seed alleviates the problem. Also known to enjoy"Woolly Bear" caterpillas, cherry slugs and Australian Lepidoptera – although pigeons are only herbivores.

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