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Pigeon: The Baron

Poet: Robert Adamson

Poem: My Grandfather’s Ice Pigeons

Parent: Thompson Reuters

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The Baron

(mealy cock)

Weight: 550g

Date of birth: Friday, April 14, 2006

Wingspan: 64 CM

Parentage: Mother was a fly-away from Tajikistan who, with four siblings, fled the violent rocky outcrops of Turkmenistan arriving in NSW in 1987. Father, regular homing pigeon from Nowra, NSW.

Reading habits: Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson; "The Albatross", Charles Baudelaire; "Fannie and Freddie eat the circus master." (Series 1-12)

Languages spoken: Hawkish, Houndish and Galapagonian

Medical history: Subjective vertigo in early months but through a rebalancing of the inner ear, seems to have recovered with no further symptoms or infections.

Dietary requirements: Evening capful of Pigeon (milk and regurgitated food from the parents' crops) with cracked corn sprinkles. Has been noted to suck its own blood.

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