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Pigeon: The Big Ish

Poet: Craig Sherborne

Poem: Totalizator

Parent: The Big Issue

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The Big Ish

(blue chequer pied cock)

Weight: 480g

Date of birth: Saturday, October 20, 2007

Wingspan: 56cm

Parentage: Direct son of Champion stock cock (Lot 128 K Whiteman). Father was a magnificent stock cock who died whilst flying into a thick cloud swell. Father's later years beset by Dementia which is given as the reason for his (father) obsession with flying to Orion and ultimate disappearance amongst the stars.

Reading habits: A Galaxy of Pigeons, Dr Wendell Levi; comics;; 'The Voyage of the Beagle', Charles Darwin; 'The Evolution of Pigeon Lexicography' (Ed. 12, 2007)

Languages spoken: Pigeon has a split tongue and incapable of sounding more than one song : a rolling "Coo, rooc'too-coo."

Medical history: In last six months shown no wing flapping in the early morning or after feeding, and a disinterest in leaving loft or toss basket. Lower lid laziness - suggesting previously undiagnosed melancholic depression.

Dietary requirements: Milo, wheat, maize and dunn peas mixed with vitamin and trace elements to the water once or twice a week, with minerals provided in powdered or block form ad lib.

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