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Pigeon: Newsflash

Poet: Anthony Lawrence

Poem: A Sound For Leaving

Parent: Australian Associated Press

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Anthony Lawrence

Date of birth: Friday, October 10, 1952

Distinctive features: loves Triumph motorcycles and the songs of Drag the River.

Wingspan: Runaway kilometres

Parentage: His parents were wayward travellers and, his feet refuse to rest for too long and so he lives between two states: Queensland & Melancholyville. Lately he's been noticing a red mist over the Gold Coast Seaway which has nought to do with his parents but is a mystical image.

Reading habits: He reads C.S.I.R.O documents on the genetic cross-breeding of fresh & saltwater fish. Currently he is completing a PhD on the poetry of Richard Hugo.

Languages spoken: Love and Irony

Medical history: Like Robert Adamson, he fishes for mulloway (from the beach) with slabs of Waggafish and a chemically-sharpened Big Red hook. Both these foodstuffs aid in digestion and enrich the knee and ankle hairs.

Dietary requirements: His diet is simple yet essential: zest & reef fish.


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