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Pigeon: The Baron

Poet: Robert Adamson

Poem: My Grandfather’s Ice Pigeons

Parent: Thompson Reuters

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Robert Adamson

Date of birth: Monday, May 17, 1943

Distinctive features: wild, wooly white hair

Wingspan: boundless knots

Parentage: Adamson fishes for Mulloway with live bait and for Waggafish with a dry fly called 'The Red Ness' . He doesn't believe in 'catch and release' sport fishing, Adamson fishes to survive. All this he learnt from parents, presumably water pigeon types.

Reading habits: Fishing magazines and writes for Fishing World. He loves Canadian Birders Blogs. He is member of the E.D. Blodgett Society for the Endangered Red K Parrot. He is writing a novel with Anthony Lawrence by email called 'The Waggafish Chronicles'

Languages spoken: Tries to imitate the call of a certain poet who lives among numbats and sand.

Medical history: Adamson is training a night parrot to 'hunt'. Dangerous when exposed to too much snow.

Dietary requirements: He proudly eats every fish he catches, along with home-grown silverbeat and desiree potatoes, he shreds lashes of zest over his fried fish.


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