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Pigeon: Sydney PEN Shadow

Poet: Kate Fagan

Poem: Workman, Honeyeater

Parent: Sydney PEN Centre

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Kate Fagan

Date of birth: Sunday, May 6, 1973

Distinctive features: Noted voyager with a strong homing instinct despite a somewhat random sense of geography. Sings when excited or alarmed.

Wingspan: 178cm

Parentage: Margaret Ruth Stubbs (Devonport, Tas.) and Robert Harold Fagan (Birmingham, U.K.)

Reading habits: Often. Long novels, short novels. Slow poems, quick poems. Lyrics and labels. Arkadii Dragomoschenko, Xenia.

Languages spoken: English

Medical history: Brother qualified as a doctor before becoming a professional folk singer.

Dietary requirements: Tea. Fresh fruit. Raw fish. Cake. Green things.


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