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Pigeon: Jimbala

Poet: Ivy Ireland

Poem: Velocity

Parent: Libby Fairfax

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Ivy Ireland

Date of birth: Thursday, May 29, 1980

Distinctive features: a nose so ski-sloped as to be termed "unmeasurable" when (not)measured by Bethany J Fellows during a study into the intimate angles of the face.

Wingspan: 155cm

Parentage: Undoubtedly the daughter of a Privateer and a seal maiden.

Reading habits: Down to one volume of Dickens a day: Cutting back is good not only for you, but it also benefits your loved ones.

Languages spoken: Hiberno-English, Latin and English

Medical history: Fractured wrist whilst attempting to perfect the Baryshnikovian performance of Giselle in the lounge room: age 7. fractured skull from riding three-wheeler down the back stairs (it was a dare): age 3.

Dietary requirements: Enjoys oysters. with lovely champagne.

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