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Pigeon: This Is Not Art Smokey

Poet: Andy Quan

Poem: A word from the feral pigeon

Parent: This Is Not Art

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Andy Quan

Date of birth: Monday, July 7, 1969

Distinctive features: None. Or all. Depending on one's way of looking at things

Wingspan: From my birthplace of Vancouver, Canada to my adopted city of Sydney, Australia

Parentage: Mother’s great-grandparents / arrived on Hawaiian shores / to live and plant rice // Father’s grandparents / sold an empire of shoes / and sent a son to Gold Mountain // Father’s sister lifted out / of Grandfather’s produce store / became a stewardess // Mother arrived in Canada / no winter clothes / be wed to my father

Reading habits: On planes, mostly, and on overseas trips in noodle houses, small bars, and hotel restaurants, sometimes as I lay myself down to sleep: fiction, poetry and short stories, established and new writers

Languages spoken: Canadian and a smattering of French and Spanish. Free verse. Am learning Australian.

Medical history: Poor eyesight corrected by laser surgery. A gash in the left knee requiring seven stitches (from a cycling accident last November): healed. Periods of remarkable good health interrupted by occasional back injuries, sore throats, and hangovers

Dietary requirements: Before SARS and civet cats, I thought it was a good idea to try everything at least once. Now I limit myself to most foods, tasty and eaten regularly, often washed down with Australian white wines. Being from Asian heritage, my excitement over food can be likened to Po, the Kung Fu Panda.


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