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Pigeon: The Big Ish

Poet: Craig Sherborne

Poem: Totalizator

Parent: The Big Issue

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Craig Sherborne

Date of birth:

Distinctive features: Crisply parted fringe indicates an exceptional memory. Fear of school uniforms and top mime artist.

Wingspan: 98cm

Parentage: Father loved the horse track, mother loved fancy things. Equal phobia of and love for parents partly blamed for poet's addiction to chestnuts.

Reading habits: Sports biographies, essays and memoirs. Australian poetry with strong narrative drives ahead of the hermetic Language groups.

Languages spoken: British, Melbish.

Medical history: Internal and external wounds from parents and deep thought leading to a want to fly away.

Dietary requirements: Sausages rolled in wheat and rouge pears sliced with walnuts and almonds.

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