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Pigeon: Real Radio

Poet: Brook Emery

Poem: Proof

Parent: 2SER 107.3 FM

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Brook Emery

Date of birth: Sunday, July 21, 1901

Distinctive features: Distinct absence (of cranial feathers resulting

Wingspan: 400cm

Parentage: Born from the union of a British staff sergeant (with moustache) and a free-born colonial lass.

Reading habits: Flighty. Jumping perch from fiction to poetry to popular science always afraid the first page has been forgotten before the last has been turned (I do remember Michael Ondaatje's 'In the Skin of a Lion').

Languages spoken: Less than monolingual. Hoping to master English

Medical history: Tip-top. Fit for flight. Minus only an appendix and tonsils unwanted at the time.

Dietary requirements: Omnivorous and insatiable and just a little more coffee, chocolate and red, red wine if you please.

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